About the Humane Charities List

Donating with Confidence

Many ordinary Australians are taking a growing interest in making informed choices, particularly when it comes to the charities they support financially. We are often contacted by members of the public regarding the animal testing policy of different charities. Most share an eagerness to support human health as well as animal interests.

Balancing these concerns can be difficult because many popular health charities fund animal research, often without making it clear to the public. As a result, the public continues to donate money with the best of intentions to medical and health charities not realising that they may actually be funding unnecessary animal experiments.

The Humane Charities List is a guide to health-related charities that do not engage in animal research. The charities listed vary greatly in the health-related aspects they offer; some fund biomedical research, others provide health services to people requiring care, and many provide information and support. The one thing they share is a vision for improved human health.

By donating to a Humane Charity on the list, you will be directing vital funding towards organisations that do not fund animal testing.

About Humane Charities

Humane Charities is a non-profit program administered by Humane Research Australia (HRA). We are dedicated to reducing the impact of animal experimentation on the Australian community and animals.

Our aim is to contribute to the abolition of animal experimentation by:

• Increasing community awareness about the health dangers of relying on animal research.
• Increasing community awareness about the health benefits of humane non-animal research.
• Identifying clearly which Australian charities are 'Humane'.
• Encouraging the community to donate ONLY to Humane Charities (thereby decreasing funding to charities engaging in animal research).

Our vital work will ultimately help both humans, by contributing to the discovery and production of safer medicines, and laboratory animals, by replacing their use as human models.

Community Education

We are committed to Community Education.

Feel free to download our latest flier for your information and general distribution:

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You can also purchase a pack of 50 printed and ready-to-distribute flyers for only $3 by clicking here.

You can also browse and purchase Humane Charities bumper sticker designs here - there are two great designs to choose from.


Book a speaker

Speakers are available to address your school, work or community group. If you would like an informative presentation of the facts and myths surrounding animal experimentation and how animal research affects you and your loved ones, please contact us for more information. Please note, this resource is currently only available to interested parties in Melbourne metropolitan and surrounding suburbs. Contact us for more information.