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Becoming a Humane Charity

If you’re an Australian charity that contributes to human health (e.g. research, care or wellbeing, or general support and awareness-raising), and you do not fund nor engage in animal research, then we would like to include your organisation on the Humane Charities List!

The Humane Charities List is an online listing of health-related charities that do not fund nor engage in animal-based research. This is the only reference guide of its kind in Australia. Inclusion is free and cannot be bought.

The charities featured on our list are not necessarily opposed to animal research; rather, they do not engage in it themselves, and have no future intention of doing so. They are diverse in the health-related aspects they provide, but all share a vision for improved human health and well-being.

We recently surveyed the Australian public1 and just 13% of respondents said they would donate to a charity known to fund animal research. Additionally, nearly 81% of survey respondents believe the number of animals used in research is too high, with over 70% of those surveyed supporting the development of alternatives.

These results reflect trends seen in the USA and the UK, and in response to these growing international trends, the Australian Humane Charities List provides an easy and meaningful solution for thoughtful donors by empowering them to identify and donate to charities that do not fund animal experiments - thereby ensuring that their gift will contribute to human-specific benefits, whilst sparing animals from pain and suffering.

We always welcome new humane charities to the list and encourage you to join us. To appear on the List, all you need to do is complete, sign and return the Statement of Assurance and Registration form below.

We are committed to growing and publicising the Humane Charities List, and warmly invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to increase awareness of your organisation and enhance your fundraising potential. Please feel free to contact our office at any time to discuss your inclusion on our list.

1 Nexus Research (2013), Public Opinion Poll on Humane Research Issues: A Market Research Report to Australian Association for Humane Research Inc., Abbotsford: Nexus Research Pty Ltd.

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Thank you for your interest in Humane Charities.

Listing with Humane Charities provides your organisation with many potential benefits such as free advertising, promotion and most importantly the potential for increased funding.

To apply for listing, please download and complete the Application & Questionnaire and return it to our office by mail or e-mail. We will contact you with an outcome as soon as possible.

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